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Joliet Attorney for Secretary of State Hearings

Joliet Attorney for Secretary of State Hearings

Trustworthy DUI and Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyer in Will County

When your driving privileges have been revoked due to a conviction of driving under the influence (DUI) or any other reason, the impact on your life can be substantial. You may face difficulties in continuing to work, furthering your education, and caring for the needs of your family members and loved ones. You deserve to have your driving privileges restored as quickly as the law provides, even if only on a restricted basis. To do so, you must attend a Secretary of State hearing and demonstrate that you should be granted relief or a full reinstatement of your license. An experienced attorney like Eric J. Blatti can help you make your case, improving your likelihood of success and getting you back to your life faster than you might be able to on your own.

Secretary of State Hearings in Illinois

The purpose of a Secretary of State hearing is to evaluate your commitment to changing the behavior that caused the revocation of your driving privileges. You will need to present evidence that you are attempting to improve your driving practices and that safety and responsibility are among your top concerns. If your revocation is due to a DUI or the use of drugs or alcohol, you will also be required to show proof that you have completed or continue to comply with the requirements set forth by your Uniform Report risk evaluation. With an experienced driver's license reinstatement attorney on your side, you can be fully prepared for your hearing no matter how complicated your situation may be.

Informal and Formal Hearings

If your driving privileges were revoked for a single DUI, offenses that did not involve a fatality, or cumulative moving violations, your hearing might be conducted informally by a hearing officer at a Driver Services facility. Informal hearings are handled on a walk-in basis, and the hearing officer submits all necessary documentation to Springfield. Your attorney can work closely with you to help you prepare for any all questions the hearing officer may ask.

Formal hearings are required for revocations related to offenses involving a fatality or multiple DUI dispositions. Handled similarly to other legal proceedings, a hearing officer conducts a formal hearing that allows both testimony and documentary evidence. These hearings are scheduled in advance and may be heard in one of four locations around the state, including one in Joliet. Mr. Blatti can assist you during a formal hearing, although you will be required to make statements on your own behalf.

If you are in need of driving relief or the reinstatement of your driving privileges, contact the Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C. today. He will meet with you to discuss your case and help you prepare for your Secretary of State hearing. Call 815-744-2500 today to schedule a free consultation.

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