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Any type of criminal proceeding you become the target of can interfere with your life in a major way. If you are accused of DUI or certain traffic offenses, you can lose your driver's license, forcing you to rely on others or on public transportation to get where you need to go. If you are a licensed professional such as a registered nurse or a teacher, your license could be in jeopardy even if you are only accused of a misdemeanor. Anyone convicted of a felony could struggle to find work or even maintain adequate housing.

Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C. is committed to bringing about the best possible outcome to each client's criminal case. New Lenox criminal defense lawyer Eric J. Blatti has dedicated his career to protecting the rights, futures, and freedoms of people who have been accused of crimes in Illinois. He will take your defense every bit as seriously as you do, because he fully understands how the outcome of your case will shape your life.

Criminal Charges Attorney Eric J. Blatti Can Help With

Attorney Blatti can represent you in a wide variety of criminal cases, including:

  • DUI - DUI defense is a large portion of Attorney Blatti's practice, because it is a very common offense people are accused of. He is well-versed in many possible defenses, and he can also work towards getting you limited driving privileges following a license suspension or revocation.
  • Retail theft - Retail theft may be committed inadvertently when people use self-checkouts and forget to scan an item. Shoplifting can also be a crime of desperation when people cannot afford to meet their basic needs due to extreme inflation.
  • Assault or battery - These offenses are closely related, but they are slightly different crimes. You can be charged with assault without touching the victim if something you did caused the victim to think you were going to make physical contact with him or her in a hurtful or offensive way—such as if you threw something at him or her and missed. Battery means actually making physical contact in a hurtful or offensive way, such as by pushing or hitting the victim.
  • Domestic violence - Domestic violence is another very common charge, and it is one that can be difficult for the state to prove. Domestic assault and domestic battery tend to happen behind closed doors with no witnesses, making these cases a matter of "he said, she said," especially when the alleged victim has no obvious injuries. People are sometimes erroneously arrested for domestic violence while defending themselves.
  • Traffic offenses - Crimes like reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and speeding by at least 26 miles per hour can come with serious consequences, including jail time or a loss of license.
  • Drug crimes - Being arrested for possession of illicit substances or drug paraphernalia is often a sign of a treatable substance abuse disorder. Addiction is extremely common, especially for people who have mental illnesses like PTSD. Many people charged with minor drug offenses are eligible for treatment-based programs that can reduce or eliminate their criminal liability.
  • Order of Protection Violations - It is very easy to violate an Order of Protection. Often, the protected party is the one who initiates contact.
  • Sex crimes - Sex offenses are considered some of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of. It is crucial to defend against these charges and avoid becoming a registered sex offender.

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Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C. is dedicated to defending the rights of people who are going through criminal prosecutions. Eric J. Blatti has spent his entire career working to defend those accused of crimes in Illinois. Contact our firm at 815-744-2500 to set up a free consultation.

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