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Violations of OP & Bail Bond

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Will County Bail Bond Violation Lawyer

If you've been released on bond in Illinois, you are required to comply with the conditions set forth by the issuing court. If you violate the court's bail bond order, it's quite possible that you could face additional criminal charges. The exact charge, and subsequent penalty, for a bond violation in Illinois can depend on what crime you were initially charged with and the circumstances of your alleged bail bond violation. Any sentence received for a bond violation will be in addition to the sentence you receive for your initial criminal charges. Being accused of a bail bond violation is a serious issue that requires input from an experienced Will County bond violation attorney.

Joliet, Illinois Violation of Order of Protection Defense

In Illinois, orders of protection (also called no contact orders, protection orders, or "stay away" orders) are issued by the court to prevent one person from having contact with another. Protection orders are often used in cases involving domestic violence or domestic battery.

Joliet Bail Bond & Protection Order Defense

At The Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C., we provide skillful representation to those who have been charged with violating a bail bond or protection order in Illinois. Contact knowledgeable Will County, Illinois criminal defense lawyer Eric J. Blatti today to arrange a confidential consultation regarding your protection order or bond violation case. 

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