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Third or more DUI

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Multiple DUIs Require a Top-Notch Illinois DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI arrest in Illinois must be taken seriously, no matter the circumstances. However, if you've been arrested for a DUI, and have prior DUI convictions, you must contact an experienced Joliet DUI lawyer right away.

In Illinois, a third or subsequent DUI conviction is automatically classified as an aggravated DUI. If you have been arrested for DUI, and you have previous convictions on your record, you need a top Joliet DUI defense lawyer to defend you against your drunk driving charges.

Penalties for a Third, Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Illinois DUI Offense

A third or fourth DUI violation is a Class 2 felony, while a fifth DUI is a Class 1 felony, and a sixth or later drunk driving conviction is a Class X felony, the most severe type of crime that Illinois law allows for. Additionally, any DUI violation beyond a third results in a lifetime revocation of your driving privileges – without relief - and suspension of your vehicle's registration.

If you had a BAC of .16 or more at the time of your arrest, you will be forced to pay a fine of at least $2,500, and if you were charged with a DUI while transporting a child, you will be fined a minimum of $25,000. It is also likely that any third or higher DUI charge will result in time behind bars – in some cases, significant jail time.

Fighting a Repeat DUI in Illinois

At The Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C., we use our in-depth understanding of Illinois' DUI laws to aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients. We will investigate every aspect of your DUI arrest to identify any potential defenses to your DUI charge.

Contact a Joliet DUI defense attorney at The Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C. for a free consultation and to discuss how you can fight your DUI charges and avoid the serious repercussions that result from having multiple DUI convictions. 

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