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Overweight Violations

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At the Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C., our experienced team understands the pressures that are often put on commercial truck drivers by their employers, clients, and contract partners. We also know that when a driver is in danger of losing his or her commercial driver's license (CDL), the driver's entire livelihood could be in jeopardy.

While most drivers of non-commercial vehicles never consider how much their vehicle weighs or the weight limit of a particular roadway, such matters are very important to a commercial truck driver. The penalties for overweight truck violations can be severe and may lead to the disqualification of the driver's CDL. If you have received a citation related to an overweight truck, our firm can help you determine the best course of action for moving forward.

Overweight Truck Violations in Plainfield and Lockport

Weight limits and restrictions exist to promote roadway safety, and those who operate overweight trucks face fines ranging from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. Illinois law gives law enforcement officers the authority to stop a truck that is suspected of being overweight and require the driver to submit to a weighing. A weighing may be conducted using portable scales, or the officer may direct the truck to the nearest permanent weighing facility.

The most common types of overweight truck violations include:

  • A truck that exceeds the gross (total) weight limit for the permit it carries.
  • A truck that exceeds the weight limit for a given road or stretch of road.
  • A truck that is overloaded on one or more axles.
  • An oversized load that is not properly flagged.

When a citation is issued for an overweight violation, the police will not allow the truck to continue on its way until the weight is reduced or the load is distributed legally over all axles. Such a delay can cost the truck driver and the trucking company thousands of dollars in lost time and labor.

Skilled Defense for Trucking Violations

At the Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C., we understand that unrealistic deadlines and unexpected detours can lead to overweight truck violations. In other cases, shifting cargo could cause an axle to show as overloaded. No matter what the reasons might be, if you have been cited for an overweight violation, we can help you explore your options. We will work with you in weighing the costs of challenging the violation against the related fines. Our team will also assist you in analyzing the threat to your CDL status and other possible consequences. We know that you need to be back on the road quickly, and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

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